We understand that the greatest need for any laboratory practices is to focus on accuracy and productivity. Kromtek strives to be leading laboratory solutions provider by constantly introducing new and latest cutting edge technology to the scientific community.

We live by our philosophy –“To help laboratory analysts realize their goal of excellence through our dedication and innovative product offering.”
We are fully committed to our client needs, thorough understanding of their analysis requirements and challenges and developing value-added proposition that are cost effective and efficient.

Kromtek Sdn Bhd, a registered company with Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia, is a scientific technological driven laboratory solutions provider. The strategic thrust of the company is to provide latest state-of-the-art breakthrough analytical instrumentation solutions and services to the ever demanding scientific R&D community. Kromtek’s focus is on total product solutions and human capital development, so our customers remain our top priority as we help them utilizing instrumentation technology confidently in their quest for answers.
This instrumental technique is commonly used to exploit the fundamental properties common to all types...
For those working in the area of protein research, we offer state-of-the-art peptide and organic synthesis instrumentation...
Material characterization
Within this product offering, scientists are presented with a wide range of tools to determine the physical characteristics of liquid...
  General Equipment
We also provide commonly used laboratory supporting apparatus that are essential for performing and conducting research...
The spectroscopy tools provided in this segment allows scientists to measure emitted, absorbed or scattered light by materials...
We are constantly keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and your needs in analytical research.

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